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CyG It Sustainable Tech creates the first carbon-neutral technology lab in South Europe with LG’s solar energy

CyG It Sustainable Tech in collab with LG creates the first carbon-neutral technology lab in the South of Europe with its headquarters in Bollullos de la Mitación (Seville). With an investment of near 100.000 euros, the new photovoltaic panels will provide a medium energy power of 33 kW, saving 44 tons in C02 emissions to the atmosphere each year, while giving energetic autonomy and neutrality in emissions to the lab.

Sustainability is one of the strategic axes of Andalusian technology, which since its creation 17 years ago contributes to the reduction of the environmental footprint in the technological sector. Their formula is to boost a circular economic model that firmly pursue the reusing and repairing of devices not only at individual but corporate level, breaking that way with the lineal model of production and consumption at high price to the environmental. In that sense, CyG and its filial Myfixpert already repair a medium of 500.000 devices per year using platforms of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, saving more than 100.000 tons of C02 emissions associated with the manufacturing of new equipment, but the corporation wanted to go one step further in support of sustainability and decarbonisation in the sector.

“We are very proud of having accomplished this project along with such as benchmark in technology as LG. We believe this as a step further to get the decarbonisation of the sector and proof of our firm commitment with sustainability and the boost of circular economy models in such a transversal and high-impact sector as the technological”, says Alejandro Costa, founder and CEO of CyG It Sustainable Tech.

LG reinforces with this project its compromise with sustainability and generation of clean energy, one of the pillars of its Smart Green Movement, a program seeking reforestation of Spain through planting 47 million of trees per year and promoting an ecotechnology low in emissions and consumption.

“LG is always aiming to provide its innovation to the people and planet. In this joint project with CyG IT Sustainable Tech, our pioneer technology provides the solution of a more efficient energy to accomplish together a milestone of sustainability in Spain, which is possible after decades of development committed to the care of the environment as main goal”, states Francisco Ramirez, Director of LG Business Solutions.

So, CyG It Sustainable Tech strengthen its position as benchmark of smart and sustainable technology incorporating new clean power resources in its installations and processes which contributes to the ecological transition of the sector.

About LG Electronics Spain

LG Electronics is present in the Spanish market since 1994 and its activity is focused on commercialization of a wide range of electronical products with its 4 sales divisions (Mobile phones, Consumer electronics, Appliances and Conditioning). LG Electronics Spain has been stablished as leader in the market of flat screens, home cinema systems, and domestic conditioning. LG Electronics staff in Spain is of 270 employees. More information in: or Social networks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube e Instagram.

About LG Electronics Business Solutions

LG Electronics Business Solutions offers professional solutions in information visualization, air conditioning and energy. As leader on innovation B2B, LG Electronics Business Solutions pretend to offer a total solution that covers consulting, installation, maintenance and support in collab with its professional associates. Visit

About CyG it Sustainable Tech

CyG It Sustainable Tech is a technological corporation leader in integral digitalization of after-sales services in South Europe to big manufacturers and integrators at a worldwide level, such as Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, and others. Invested by Telefónica, it is based in a Sevillian town called Bollullos de la Mitación and it has presence in more than 100 countries across the five continents thanks to its 200 employees and its wide network of local partners.

The corporation was created 17 years ago, and it currently repair an average of 500.000 devices each year thanks to their optimization and management of the process through big data tools, predictive analysis and reused technology. This allows them to offer the best service to the client while promoting a circular economy. Nowadays and due to the continuous evolution of the corporation, CyG It Sustanible Tech has developed its own software specialized in talent management and internal communication (feedbalia), follow-up and ticketing monitoring (Aitana) or in the digitalization of sectors as tourism (Extension Hotel).

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