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EU: Right to repair and repairability index

The European Union continues to advance in a so called ‘Green Deal’ wich aims to reduce the continent´s environmental footrprint and promote implementation of a circular economy model, less harmful to the planet and its resources. The European Parliament, one of the highest EU institutions, approved just a few days ago by 395 voted in favor ‘Right to repair’. This right will limit single use products and forcing technology manufaturers to facilitate their repair. In addition, the regulation includes the need to establish a label to inform the consumer about the ease of repairing a device.

The aim is to make device repair mucho more “attractive, systematic and profitable” for the consumer, thus offering an alternative to buy a new one. This goal would get to reduce environmental costs in natural resources and C02 emissions.

"The aim is to make device repair mucho more “attractive, systematic and profitable” for the consumer"

Alejandro Costa

From CyG It Sustainable Tech believe that the approval of the ‘right to repair’ is a great news that can be a turning point for the definitive push for a circular economy model. In this way we will ensure that the repair and reuse of technology is an option to consider for all users and consumers. Furtheremore, consumers will have much more information when decide to buy a new device.

Alejandro Costa, founder and CEO of the company, communicated this in a report carried put by El Confidencial about the challenges for the industry to implement the ‘right to repair’.

For more information, write an email to the following address: info@cygit.com

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