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CyG reduce its environmental footprint

Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars of CyG it Sustainable Tech both in its development plan and in the day-to-day of the company. At CyG we extend the useful life of device giving them a second life, reducing demand for new devices and promoting development of a circular economy model.

According to a study by the University of Arizona, the manufacture of a new PC or laptop involves an average environmental cost of between 227 and 270kg of CO2. If we multiply this figure by the 500k devices per year that are repaired per year in CyG, we get figure of 110k tons of C02 emissions saved into the atmosphere.

“CyG's activity eliminate + 110k tons of C02 emissions into the atmostphere”

But in CyG It Sustainable Tech we are not satisfied with contributing to a more sustainable technology. And that is why we are constantly innovating to make our processes greener, more sustainable and with the lowest environmental footprint. In this regard, there are initiatives such as the elimination of paper in Myfixpert, thus achieving a 100% digital activity; obtaining the AENOR environmental management certificate, or the use of packaging with FSC seal that indicates that the cardboard comes from forest manged according to the criterio of the world NGO ‘Forest Stewardship Council’.

In addition, we have recently become part of ‘Fundación COTEC para la Innovación’, a becnhmark organization for public/private innovation in Spain and chaired by Cristina Garmendia, with the aim of leading a working group about circular economy and right to repair. This initiative look for analyzing initiatives and regulatory frameworks that promote an economic model compatible with the environment.

In this way, from CyG we face an ambitious plan to contribute to making tech sector a much more sustainable activity, and we aplly all knowledge in updating and descarbonizing our own processes.

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