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5 tips to protect your devices from malware

Avoiding ‘malware’ has become an essential task for the proper functioning of our devices and for our own personal data security, both at corporative and private levels.

Experts point out that, although it cannot damage hardware systems or network equipment, “it can steal, encrypt or delate your data, disrupt or carry out a ransomware of your computer basic functions and spy on your activity without our knowledge or consent, making it one of the worst enemies of network security.

In fact, large companies heavily invest in network security, platforms and devices. However, private users do not have the time nor the precise tools to get rid of the threat caused by these infectious agents. That is why, in today’s post, we are going to give you 5 basic tips that will help you protect your device:

  • Do not download attached files from ‘suspicious’ mails.

  • Avoid to download and/or run files or videos of web pages to which you access through a link included in a mail.

  • Download apps just from Google Play or App Store.

  • Install a malware protection program in your devices. You will find many different types, even for free.

  • Keep your devices operating system, navigator and apps updated. This frequently prevents new malware from entering.

In CyG It Sustainable Tech we are committed to extend the useful life of devices, which can be blocked, rendered useless or see their performance worsened by these types of threats. In addition, fighting these types of malwares is one of the keys to obtain sustainable technology for reducing the carbon footprint.

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